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San Diego Stereo Shop offers the latest technology in car stereos, car alarms, custom LED/HID lighting, high performance accessories and professional electronics installation in San Diego county.

Only the best car audio stereo shop in San Diego can give you full control over your music. Are you someone who deeply cares about how crisps and smooth the sound is, how loud it is, and how deep it goes? 95% of the car audio systems sound average at best, and 5% of the remaining ones are not easy to find.

It can be tough to find car stereo audio shops in San Diego, it’s even tougher to find the product that suits you. Popular manufacturer and high pitch sound are not the only factors that makes a car audio system great. High quality systems with advance technology doesn’t come cheap these days, but you can still find the best car audio stereo with a little bit of hint.

Quality of Services

We believe in the quality of services over the quantity of services.

Dedication & Devotion 

We have integrity and accountability for all of our services and products we provide you.

Skillful & Proficient

We strive to offer exceptional and first-class service. Not only will the work we have agreed upon be finished, it will be done right.

How to choose best car audio stereo in sand Diego?

It can be little tricky to choose a car audio stereo because most of the time they look the same and sound the same. The best are the ones that not only give you quality sound, but also incorporate latest trends to make your experience simple and easy. So how to choose one? Let’s discuss this in detail!

• Under Budget: Your budget is the most important factor that will define how good your car audio stereo will be. Define a budget and try to find if a system has features that are mentioned below. There are some really great stereo kits under $100, but you can go above and beyond to buy the one that suits you.

• Bluetooth feature: Nowadays 8 out of 10 car audio stereo systems have Bluetooth. Just 5 years ago, Bluetooth was something that only expensive kits had, but now it is common. This feature can make it easy for you to control the audio via your mobile phone while you are driving.

• CD compatibility: Not many systems are CD compatible these days because you have smartphones, USB, Bluetooth and many other features that are better. Manufacturers aren’t even installing this feature in latest car audio stereos in San Diego. But in case if you are someone who enjoys CD over smartphones and Bluetooth then make sure you have it in your car.

• One that fits: First, you have to find what type of mounting kit you are using and then decide if you need a single or double DIN. Smaller car audio stereos have single DIN while bigger ones are double DIN. In case if you want to install it by yourself then you need to find the one that is compatible. The best option will be to find a professional help and leave the car audio stereo installation to them.

• Advance Features: Try searching for car audio stereo shops in San Diego and you will find many that are short on quality. There are not many stores that sell products with features such as phone call support, USB control, touch screen, HDMI, and video support. These features seems a little bit overkill and expensive, don’t worry you can have all these features under your budget.

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