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Wheels, Rims, and Tires are the most important part of your car; they carry the weight of you and your family for years. These few inches of rubber tell everything about your car. Tires enhance the power, they determine how fast your car will move, and help breaks during emergencies. Whether you are just parking the car or driving it in a high-end race, your wheels and tires carry a huge burden.

These round and black piece of equipment are a complex assembly of rubbers and cables turned into a fine piece of engineering work. They are mounted into wheels and inflated with the air to give them a perfectly round shape. The manufacturers of wheels rims and tires carefully engineer by evaluating noise quality, ride quality, grip, tire wear, and road feel.

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When your car is on the Road 

Do you know what these letters and numbers on the tire tell you? They have some interesting information on them. Let's take an example of "215/55R16 93H", a tire that belongs to Honda Civic Sedan. If you further dissect the numbers, it says the tire has 215 millimeters section width, has a 55 aspect ratio, radial construction, interior diameter that can fit on a 16-inch wheel. The number 93 represents its load index, the weight that this tire can carry. The letter "H" means it has high-speed ratings, which is good when you are 130 mph.

The Hub Size Hubbub

When it comes to the wheels of your car, it is more than just width and diameter; the bolt pattern decides if it will fit or it will not. A 16-inch wheel having a five five-lug pattern may look fine to some, but the hub size can be different. Picture the bolt pattern of your wheel stud, a pattern of 5x100 means there are five wheel studs with 100 millimeters diameter.

Perfectly positioned

Once you have decided on a wheel for your vehicle, the next important thing is to ensure they are in place. A high offset makes mounting surface close to outer edge of your wheel, which allows the wheel to sit well. It means there will be clearance between the outside edge and the fender, but there will be less clearance between inside edge and suspension components.

Plus Side

Having a wheelset that is larger is a popular method. It has pros and cons, it will have more grip, look smooth, but the ride will be rough. When having a 16 to a 17-inch wheel, the diameter of wheel increase by inch, but overall diameter will remain the same, so there will be a short sidewall. Bigger wheel diameter means there will be larger width, half an inch, so there will be larger section width.

The size is also important

When the diameter of the wheel increases, the price will also increase, but the amount is manageable. But if you move to a larger wheelset, it will have a significant effect on your wallet because of the tires. The cost of tires will increase, depending on the model.

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