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Car Audio Installation and Accessories

Our car audio selection has a wide variety of fine products from name brand Company such as the ones posted. We take pride in our sound system installations and provide you with many different options as to what route you should go on picking your product.
Whether its a car stereo or even a whole sound system, we've got what it takes to make it happen. We provide fast, professional, efficient, and lifetime guaranteed work that wont hurt your pockets but will leave you more than satisfied. Our installers have experience, quality, and techniques that our customers have been appreciating for many years

Car Video Systems, Services & Installation
San Diego stereo shop & Car Audio has a huge selection of car video products, headphones, car video and audio accessories to help create the best multi-media environment that you are hoping to achieve. Our professional installers are ready to assist you with all of your video installation needs.

Professional Custom Stereo System Installations Near Me

San Diego stereo shop & Car Audio provide customers with name brand car audio, stereo, and video products, installed by our experienced installation team all with lifetime labor Warranty. We also do window tinting backed up with a warranty.  

6 Upgrades that will transform your car


1. Car Audio and Stereo installation
If you are someone who travels then you know how different it is without a car audio system. Driving alone is not easy, and driving without a sound system is a nightmare. Car audio and stereo installation can give you relief when you are bored. Listen to your favorite songs, and it will help pass the time when you are on long roads.

2. Car Video Installation
When car video installation is performed by the experts, you can be sure that your vehicle is safe and secured. Experts having a lifetime of experience understand how to install car videos, they know how complex wiring works in modern vehicles. They can embed modern computers, upgrade radios, front and back cameras into your car.

3. Security and Remote Starter Installation
When you are fighting against cold temperature, remote starter is the thing that you need. It is so cold outside; your car will be cold as ice. You want to go somewhere, so you need to start the heating system, this can be done by pushing a button. A security and remote starter installation give you an edge; it takes your car to a whole new level.

4. Backup Camera
A backup camera is a produced to be attached to the rear side of your vehicle; it helps you in backing up by alleviating rear blind spots. It came into the market for people who want to avoid colliding with cars when they back up. The area that is behind the vehicle is known as killing zone, so backup cameras are connected to the head unit display for protection.

5. Car HID, LED & Fog Lights
When you are on the road in the night time, you should be able to see clearly and at the same time tell other drivers where you are. This is possible by having a car lighting that is suitable for your model. The real question is which one is good? Hid or LED? Or fog lights?
Car HIDs are also called xenon bulb; it has four times the strength as compared to halogen bulbs. It draws less energy from your vehicle and gives you bright-light in the night time. LEDs, on the other hand, have been used in computers since decades, but their use in cars is recent. They are less expensive and last longer than other types of car lighting.

6. In-Dash Navigation & GPS
GPs navigation is one of the commonly used equipment in cars these days. There are two types of systems; one is portable and other is In-Dash Navigation. Portables are placed in the vehicle wherever you want, while in-dashs are permanently installed in one location. Both have pros and cons, but if you are someone looking for long term solution, then In-Dash Navigation and GPS are what you need.

We at San Diego stereo shop guarantee our customers will be satisfied with our work and friendly costumer service, if not just bring it back and we will make it right.

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