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Car Video & Mobile Video Entertainment 

San Diego's best Car video system is what you need if you like entertainment while driving. Whether you want a mobile video entertainment system, car LCD monitors, or DVD player, you can install anything with the help of San Diego's stereo shop. If you are a professional driver and you have enough time to watch movies, you should buy a car video system.

There are options available for you, but the key is to install a system that suits your circumstances. There are rear seat monitors, a video installation in your dash, backseat video, and more. Having a car video system can be, sometimes, a straightforward upgrade, but I can become challenging if you choose a company with a bad reputation. San Diego's Stereo shop can install a mobile video entertainment system in your budget.

High-Quality car video systems in San Diego

The best car video system is the one that gives you many options and comes under a price that is affordable for you. In addition to watching movies and listening to music, you can watch local TV channels and play games. Some options, such as video gaming, require installing inverters so that games operate smoothly.
Having a car video system with many components is more fun. You can also have two video screens, one game system, and a radio that connects with satellite to receive multiple channels, one person can listen to the radio, one can play video games, and other can watch movies on a DVD. Now, this is some advanced level entertainment for you.

Car Video System in your dash
The easiest and the best way to have a video in your vehicle is by hiring a company to install a DVD receiver in the dash. It comes with touchscreen monitors, system controllers, and system information display. Some car video systems can even fit in traditional dash openings.
The mobile video entertainment system installs same as a standard deck. Video systems nowadays have expanding capabilities; you can add the video or audio components for backseat video as well as the rearview camera.

To play the video in your dash, you will have to park your car and pull emergency brakes on. This is for your safety; it is not legal to watch video on dash monitor while you are driving the car.

Car's Backseat Video system installation
The driver and the person in front seat can’t watch movies when the vehicle is moving, but people sitting on back seats can. There are two days to do this:

• Headrest Video Monitors: you have three options, install in your factory headrest, install in your factory headrest posts without altering it, or change factory headrests with the ones that have screen installed.

• Overhead Video Monitors: Minivans and SUVs have enough space, so folding overhead monitors are the best. Installing a monitor on the ceiling can make it easy for everyone on the backseat to watch movies.

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