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Lift kits and Complete Suspension Systems are our specialties. We have systems for your trucks, whether it is a 3-inch lift, 6-inch lift, or a whole 10-inch lift. San Diego stereo shop has kits from top manufacturers, so you can choose the type of product that you prefer. No need to look anywhere else if the upgrade is what you need for your jeep or truck.

Your vehicle goes through potholes, speed bumps, and potholes; how it handles these challenges and obstacles while keeping the ride comfortable for you? Your complete suspension system is the key, it softens the bumps and maintains the level of your vehicle, to make it easy for you to handle.
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Lift Kits for your vehicle in San Diego

SUVs and trucks have a strong presence on the road, but sometimes you need height to drive off the path and tackling the trails. Whether it is a big clearance or a more significant look you need, with a lift kit, you can achieve it. Every vehicle has a different design, so there are many ways lift kits can help you. The methods vary depending on the front and rear; some systems may have a variety of hardware.

• Rear Lift kits: This type of lift kits give your vehicle a boost with a leaf installation in your spring stacks. It hoists your vehicle by few inches without changing the height. You can also install space blocks to add a couple of inches. If it is the height you want, then you have to replace the springs.

• Front Lift Kits: you can replace your spindles with a more extended design to boost height. If your wheels pivot when you move the steering wheel, you can change it with longer ones. There are many changes you need to make to achieve desired results, such as control arms, spacers, and Add-A-Leaf.

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How to choose a complete suspension system in San Diego?

With some many lift kits, complete suspension systems out there, how to find the right product for your vehicle? It can be challenging to figure out. You need to keep following things into consideration:

• Driving needs and type of vehicle: A standard suspension kit will not be enough if you are someone involved in sports. Your driving style and the kind of performance you need are essential. If you need quality performance on rugged off-road, then you need a lift kit from a chosen manufacturers.

• Style: The suspension not only influences your driving comfort and performance, but it also has much to do with the visual style as well. If you want to take your vehicle on the road and show it to the people what you have to, you need a quality lift kit. Many suspension systems these days have unique finishes that add extra color inside the wheel wells.

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